Limit of large dimensionality

Classical limit of infinite dimensionality for a hydrogen atom
Hydrogen atom in infinite dimensionality

Lowest state of two-dimensional hydrogen atom
for different angular momenta m
Hydrogen atom with m = 1Hydrogen atom with m = 3
Hydrogen atom with m = 10Hydrogen atom with m = 100

Atoms in large-D limit
Hydrogen, helium and lithium atoms in large-D limit

Probability distribution of an electron in a helium atom in D dimensions
Helium atom in 3 dimensionsHelium atom in 5 dimensions
Helium atom in 10 dimensionsHelium atom in 100 dimensions
(without taking into account interaction between electrons)

Accuracy of summation of 1/D-expansion for the ground and two excited states of helium atom
Accuracy of Pade approximants for 1/D series of helium atom
with use of diagonal Padé approximants for the series in 1/D of the function (D-1)2 E(D)

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