To the International Science Foundation, from Sherstyuk A. I. (1993)

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Development of the novel methods of quantum mechanical
calculations and application of them to the precise
calculations of various atomic and molecular properties. For
the past five years we have been working on the improvement
of many-body perturbation theory methods based on the
generalization of Sturm expansions to many-electron systems.
The developed approach makes it possible to obtain the full
sets of Sturm-Hartree-Fock virtual orbitals belonging to
pure discrete spectrum. So we can avoid the troubles
related with the integration over the continuum of
intermediate states. The convergence of the remaining
expansions has been proved to be very rapid. As result all
calculations become extremely simple and hence more reliable
than the calculations based on the convential approach. The
developed methods have been used for calculation of various
atomic properties. The another direction of our work is
development of improved methods of summation of divergent
series in quantum-mechanical perturbation theory, based
partially on dynamical symmetry of the systems.

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