Mathematica programs to display results of summation of Møller-Plesset perturbation series as web-pages

Main program

(* Display results for each example of series in HTML - format *)

Off[Close::"spfile", General::"spell1"];
Close /@ Streams[];
itest = 0;(*1 for testing*)newabc = True;(*re - calculate parameters a, \
b, c*)ifwrite = True;(*Allow writing to files*)ifexport = True;(*Allow \
export of figures*)newfigure = True;(*re - create 
    figure files*)(*Directories*)dirhtml = "C:\\html\\files\\umassd\\psi";
dirhome = "C:\\sergeev\\umassd\\math\\psi";
If[FileType[dirhtml] =!= Directory, Print["Creating HTML-directory ", \
(*Starting program*)
<< programs.m;
<< read.m;
<< indhead.m;
mmser = If[itest == 1, 1, mser];
Do[<< indline.m;
    << head.m;
    << ctable.m;
    << cplot.m;
    << cplots.m;
    << errors.m;
    << sings3.m;
    << sngtable.m;
    << function.m;
    << foot.m, {nser, mmser}];
<< indfoot.m;
Off[Close::"spfile"]; Close /@ Streams[]; On[Close::"spfile"];


programs Useful programs
read Reading data for Moller - Plesset series
indhead Printing head of list of examples
indline Initiation and printing a line of list of examples
head Printing head for each example
sngtable Table of singularities with their weights for quadratic and differential approximants
foot Printing footer for each example
indfoot Printing footer of list of examples

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