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How were the albums prepared for the web

  1. Albums were photographed by Nikon D100 camera in Russia.
  2. Using PhotoShop software, pictures were cropped. Color levels were corrected, and some dust was cloned out.
  3. Picture files were renamed according to their location in the album and copied to directory "unprocessed".
  4. Pictures were converted to black and white using PhotoShop batch and copied to directory "processed".
    Settings: Levels: With Auto, Black Clip: 0.01, White Clip: 0.01; Fade: Opacity: 50%, Mode: normal; Hue/Saturation: With Colorize, Hue: 45, Saturation: 10, Lightness: 0; Export: Using: Save for Web, Operation: Save, In: C:\temp\processed, Format: JPEG, Without Interlaced, Quality: 60, With Optimized, Number of Passes: 3; Close: Saving: no.
  5. Album titles and photo captions were written to text files like this.
  6. A program was written to create web pages.
    Web pages with links to the photos were created by running the program.
  7. Using software "ACDSee", flash file with a slideshow was created.
    Settings: Create a new slide show: Adobe Flash Player slide show (.swf file format); [adding all 800x600 images]; Transition: empty, Transition Duration: 1 seconds, Slide Duration: 3 seconds; Advance: Automatic, Automatically Repeat: checked, Transition quality: [40%]; Flash width: 900 pixels, height: 700.

Операции 2 - 5 и 7 остаются пока не законченными для фотоальбомов 1983-1990 годов.

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