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How were the films prepared for the web


  1. The film was transferred to DVD disks using a service in Russia.
  2. Using software "Nero Express", images of DVD disks were created, as two files, dvd1.nrg (465 MB) and dvd2.nrg (3.2 GB), for backup purpose and possible distribution.
  3. Using software "Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum", the disks were converted to DivX movies, as files dvd1.avi (524 MB) and dvd2.avi (3.3 GB).
    Settings: General: Duration: Full, Start Time: 00:00:00, Video: Standard: Auto, Video Size: 768x576, Bit Rate: 9999, Frame Rate: Auto, Aspect: Auto, Same Quality: False, Audio: Disable Audio: True.
  4. Using software "Avi[FR] Changer 1.10", the frame rate of the movies dvd1.avi and dvd2.avi was changed from 25 to 18, the frame rate of Aurora 215 M Super film camera.
  5. AVI files were decomposed into frames using software "ACDSee Pro 2", using Extract Frames (bottom tool bar): Extract All Frames: Format: JPEG: Options: Quality: 80. First movie has 13929 frames, and second 102069. Size of frames was reduced twice using Photo Shop. Settings: Image Size: 50%, Unsharp Mask: Amount: 50%, Radius: 1 pixels, Threshold: 0.
  6. Several frames were selected using "Windows Photo Gallery" display.
  7. Frame captions were written to corresponding text files.
  8. AVI files were converted to flash video files using "Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder".
    Settings: Video codec: On2 VP6, Max data rate: Custom (1200).
    First file was encoded entirely as a single part:
    00:00:00.00-00:12:53.77 (duration 00:12:54, frames 00001- 13929).
    Second file was split into 5 parts:
    part 1: 00:00:00.00-00:11:23.67 (duration 00:11:24, frames 000001-012307),
    part 2: 00:11:28.50-00:38:34.22 (duration 00:27:05, frames 012394-041656),
    part 3: 00:38:34.22-01:02:19.44 (duration 00:23:45, frames 041657-067311),
    part 4: 01:02:19.50-01:11:07.94 (duration 00:08:48, frames 061732-076824),
    part 5: 01:11:08.83-01:34:30.44 (duration 00:23:22, frames 076840-102069).
    6 *.flv files were created:
    dvd1-1200.flv (70 MB), dvd2-part1-1200.flv (63 MB), dvd2-part2-1200.flv (147 MB),
    dvd2-part3-1200.flv (129 MB), dvd2-part4-1200.flv (48 MB), dvd2-part5-1200.flv (127 MB).
  9. Corresponding SWF player, HTML-template as well as skin and script files were created using software "Adobe Flash CS3 Professional".
    Settings: Create New - Active Script 2.0.
    In Document Properties, Dimensions were set to 800x650 pixels, Background Color to #999999.
    Import video: Progressive download, Skin: Mojave External NoVol.
    Using File: Publish Settings and then File: Publish, ... files, Flash player (*.swf), HTML template (*.html) were created.
  10. A program was written to create web pages.
    Web pages with links to the movies were created by running the program.

More 8mm movies were digitized in 2010

  1. The film was transferred to AVI digital files using two services in Russia, (1) and (2).
  2. Service "lenina" produced 2 files,
    01.avi: 3.9 GB, 26502 frames,
    02.avi: 1.5 GB, 10079 frames.
    Service "krasnoarm" produced 7 files,
    03.avi: 0.4 GB, 2588 frames,
    04.avi: 3.5 GB, 23379 frames,
    05.avi: 3.5 GB, 23654 frames,
    06_1.avi: 2.6 GB, 17703 frames,
    06_2.avi: 3.2 GB, 21889 frames.
  3. Split using (Brizsoft) AVI Splitter v.2.11.
  4. Fast AVI MPEG Joiner 1.2.0812 (Allok Soft)
  5. AVI frame rate was changed from 25 to 18 using the same software as above ("Avi[FR] Changer 1.10").
  6. AVI frame size is 720x576. It has aspect ratio of 1.25 which is different from the original aspect ratio of 8 mm super film which is 1.33 (4:3).
  7. The files were decomposed into frames as it was described above, but with a non-uniform resizing to 384x288 (aspect ratio of 4:3).
  8. The files were edited using Trim, Split, and Merge functions of the software "SolveigMM Video Splitter v. 2.2.904.16" and "AVI Joiner 1.01". The following movie files were created,
    2010-krasnoarm-03-part1: frames 0001-2588 (duration 00:01:43),
    2010-krasnoarm-04-part2: frames 00001-11650 (duration 00:07:46),
    2010-krasnoarm-04-part3: frames 13508-16799 (duration 00:02:12),
    2010-krasnoarm-05-part4: frames 00101-23654 (duration 00:15:42),
    2010-krasnoarm-06_1-part5: frames 00001-17703 (duration 00:11:48),
    2010-krasnoarm-06_2-part6: frames 00001-21889 (duration 00:14:36),
    2010-lenina-01-part1: frames 00001-26502 (duration 00:17:40),
    2010-lenina-02-part2: frames 00001-10079 (duration 00:06:43).
  9. Several frames were selected using "VirtualDub 1.9.9" (free software).
  10. Frame captions were written to corresponding text files.
  11. AVI files were converted to flash video files the same way as above (using "Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder"),
    but with resizing (stretching) 720x576 -> 768x576.
  12. Used the same SWF player, HTML-template as well as skin and script files as above.
  13. Web pages with links to the movies were created by re-running the same program as above.

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