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Cat on a Wall

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Old City, one of numerous cats near Western Wall. Jerusalem, the Middle East, March 1, 2001
A sleeping cat on a wall at Wingate Street. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, May 30, 2001
A waked cat resting on a concrete wall in Shekhuna Dalet neighborhood. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, September 21, 2001
Tuxedo cat sitting on a wall at Ziyad Bin Eyad Street, Al Doha Al Jadeeda area. Doha, Qatar, June 1, 2013
Black and white cat on a wall at Sikkat Bishr Bin Al Baraa near Al Bakhoor Street, Najma area. Doha, Qatar, June 7, 2013
Pair of cats resting on a stone wall on Umm Wishad Street in Musheirib area. Doha, Qatar, March 28, 2014
Cat looking from a stone wall on Al Sham Street in West Bay. Doha, Qatar, August 22, 2014

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