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Fence Russia

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Cast iron fence of Alexander Garden. Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 25, 2005
Iron fence of Liteyny Bridge. Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 10, 2011
Cast iron fence on Petrovskaya Street in Kronstadt. Saint Petersburg, Russia, January 3, 2016
Stone fence of Monrepo Park. Vyborg, Russia, September 1, 2007
A cow fence of a meadow near a small mining city Beriozovsk near Kemerovo in Siberia. Russia, September 13, 2002
Makeshift fence of Military Commandment from a beach. Kronstadt (part of Saint Petersburg), Russia, February 11, 2013
Stone park fence near Sylvia Gate in Gatchina, a suburb of Saint Petersburg. Russia, September 21, 2013
Fenced summer house of a rich businessman on Parkovaya Street in Sestroretsk, 15 miles north-west from Saint Petersburg. Russia, September 8, 2007
Fence of shooting range in Sosnovka Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, February 7, 2013
House of a rich businessman behind a plastic fence at 12 Naberezhnaya Maloy Nevki on Kamennyi Ostrov. Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 14, 2009
Granite fence of Monrepo park. Vyborg, Russia, August 12, 2012
Fenced pond and a mansion of S. V. Matvienko estate on a beach near Solnechnoe. West from Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 20, 2012
Park fence east from a dam of Nizhne Lamsky Pond in Aleksandrovsky (Alexander) Park. Pushkin (former Tsarskoe Selo) near Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 19, 2013
Decoration of iron fence in Necropolis of Alexander Nevsky Lavra (Lazarevskoe Cemetery). Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 29, 2014
Cast iron fence of a garden on Petrovskaya Street in Kronstadt. Saint Petersburg, Russia, January 3, 2016
Embossment on a fence of Kseshinskaya Mansion. Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 16, 2016
Stone fence of Monrepo (Mon Repos) Park. Vyborg, Russia, September 10, 2016
Stone fence of Monrepo (Mon Repos) Park. Vyborg, north from Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 7, 2016
Empty fenced area in Smolenskoe Lutheran Cemetery on Dekabristov Island. Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 28, 2016
Artist s conk mushrooms (Ganoderma applanatum) with a fence of a tomb on Kazanskaya Lane in Smolenskoe Cemetery. Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 12, 2017

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