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Canada geese in Browning Mill Pond Recreation Area. Exeter, Rhode Island, May 21, 2004
Canada geese near a dam of Millstone River. Kingston, New Jersey, April 2, 2007
Geese in a Hermann Park, near playground for children. Houston, Texas, June 17, 2007
Canada geese with goslings near Barberville Dam of Wood River. Exeter, Rhode Island, May 21, 2004
Canada geese over a golf course in northern Fall River. Massachusetts, March 9, 2003.
Geese crossing Enrique Alferez Street, behind NOMA. New Orleans, Louisiana, February 27, 2005.
Geese in a pond of Central Park. College Station, Texas, November 20, 2010
Canada geese on a lawn of Hopedene(?) Mansion from Cliff Walk in Newport. Rhode Island, March 15, 2003.

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