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House window

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Houses in Onaiza area from a window of Room 1-2244 of Ezdan Hotel. Doha, Qatar, January 31, 2015
Window of Singer House at Nevsky Prospect. Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 10, 2014
Houses near Indianapolis airport from a window of a plane. March 29, 1999.
A window of a house on Koniushennaya(?) Street. Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 22, 2005
Floodlines on a window and walls of a house at 6510 Canal Boulevard. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 10, 2006
Wooden house in Ozerki, view from a window of a train. Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 5, 2012
Stone house with narrow windows in Ain Mohamed Fort near Al Areesh Road north from Zubara. Northern Qatar, December 26, 2015
View of a residential apartment house at Svetlanovsky Prospect and Sosnovka Park behind trees from a window of the house in Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 27, 1999.
A porch and a backyard with a redbud in bloom from a window of the house in West Lafayette, Indiana, April 30, 1999.
Steel sheets for better security on windows of new houses at Itzhak Rager Street. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, September 21, 2001
Waterlines on a window of a house at Canal Boulevard. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 10, 2006
A window of a red brick house on Port Street, a corner of Chartres Street in Bywater. New Orleans, Louisiana, August 5, 2006
Recently built houses from a window of a train. Southern Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 2, 2012

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