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Mushrooms grown

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Fly agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria) grown at John Dyer Road parking lot fence in Simmons Mill Pond Management Area south from Adamsville. Little Compton, Rhode Island, October 6, 2004
Orange birch bolete mushroom (Leccinum versipelle) grown by roadside near Lembolovo, 30 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 19, 2004
Brown birch bolete mushroom (Leccinum scabrum(?)) grown at roadside near Lembolovo, 45 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 27, 2013
Edible Armillaria mushrooms grown after cold nights on a trail near Battle Ground, north from Lafayette IN, September 11, 1999.
Tomato and Aspic (Calostoma cinnabarina) mushrooms grown on a sandy road near Rocky Pond in Myles Standish State Forest. Massachusetts, October 3, 2004
Water drops, or guttation of bracket fungus Red-Belt Conk (polypore mushroom Fomitopsis pinicola) grown on a tree trunk west from Toksovo, 10 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, July 23, 2012
Small mushrooms Strobilurus esculentus(?) grown on a lawn near train station of Komarovo, 25 miles north-west from Saint Petersburg. Russia, May 9, 2016
Mosses grown through chanterelle mushrooms (Cantharellus cibarius, Russian name Lisichka) between Orekhovo and Lembolovo, north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, July 27, 2016
Mycena mushrooms grown in moss in a swamp near Orekhovo, north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, July 27, 2016
Toothed jelly fungus (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum mushroom) together with bolete mushrooms grown nearby in Sosnovka Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 25, 2016
Fringed earthstar mushrooms (Geastrum fimbriatum) together with small toadstools grown nearby near Lisiy Nos, south from Saint Petersburg. Russia, September 3, 2016
Sheathed woodtuft mushrooms (Kuehneromyces mutabilis, Pholiota mutabilis) grown in a dry spot at a sandy road near Orekhovo, 40 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, September 9, 2016
Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) grown on substrate on mushroom show in Botanic Gardens of Komarov Botanical Institute. Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 1, 2016
Gills of thin-walled maze polypore mushroom (Blushing Bracket, Daedaleopsis confragosa) grown on willow taken from Yuntolovsky Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 1, 2017
Some soft waxy white fungus grown on a sulphur(?) tinder mushroom near Lisiy Nos, west from Saint Petersburg. Russia, March 3, 2017

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