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Old Bridge

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Sakonnet River at morning near old stone bridge. Tiverton, Rhode Island, January 21, 2004
Old wooden bridge over tributary of Alligator Branch of Lake Raven in Huntsville State Park. Texas, October 16, 2010
Commandant House with gates, fortress bridge, yacht marina, and Tervaniemen puisto Park with city archive and old powder bunker west from St. Olaf Tower of Vyborg Castle. Vyborg, Russia, June 7, 2009
Railroad bridge of Old Gay Hill Road, north from Pledger Road. North from Brenham, Texas, April 7, 2008
Old tree stump on Iron Bridge Trail in Lick Creek Park. College Station, Texas, November 20, 2008
Old suspension bridge over a tributary of Lampasas River at the head of Stillhouse Hollow Nature Trail in Chalk Ridge Falls Park. Belton - Killeen, Texas, August 17, 2008
Old suspension bridge. Shlisselburg, Leningradskaya Region, Russia, July 27, 2012
Old railroad bridge of MKT Parkway. Columbia, Missouri, September 8, 2005
Old foot bridge in area of Alligator Branch of Lake Raven in Huntsville State Park. Texas, November 23, 2012
Pilon in water remained from old Waco Electric Interurban Railway bridge (c.1910). Waco, Texas, November 22, 2009
View of Little River from old railroad bridge at CR 264 near Sugarloaf Mountain. Gause, Texas, September 22, 2012
Old gas station and a grocery store at a corner of Road 594 (Iron Bridge Road) and Harge Road south-west from Somerville. Texas, February 24, 2008

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