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Pink mushroom

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Timna Mushroom made from pink sandstone at morning at around 9:00. 13 miles north from Eilat, the Middle East, June 13, 2002
Pink brittlegill (Russula sp.) mushrooms on mossy slope west from Kannelyarvi, 40 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 7, 2012
Pink brittlegill mushrooms (Russula) on Tattapanum Trail one mile north-east from Fall River. Massachusetts, July 13, 2003
Pink brittlegill (Russula sp.) mushroom in south area of Monrepo (Mon Repos) Park. Vyborg, Russia, September 14, 2013
Pink brittlegill mushrooms (Russula, Russian name Syroezhka) between Orekhovo and Lembolovo, north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, July 27, 2016
Pink bonnet mushrooms (Mycena rosella) in Komarovo near Shchuchye Lake, north-west from Saint Petersburg. Russia, September 17, 2016

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