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Water tower

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View of Old Water Tower from Hancock Observatory. Chicago, October 12, 1999.
Old Water Tower and Hancock Center. Chicago, December 4, 1999.
Old water tower (1917) in Toksovo, northern suburb of Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 2, 2005
Old Turkish railroad water tower situated among residential buildings on Rambam Street. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, April 24, 2000
Old Turkish Railway Water Tower. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, December 22, 2000
Old Turkish Railway Water Tower among modern residential buildings. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, December 22, 2000
Railroad water tower in Toksovo, 8 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 1, 2012
Water tower (1930-1931) of Red Nailmaker Factory ("Krasny Gvozdilshchik" steel-rolling factory) on Masliany Kanal of Vasilyevsky Island. Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 16, 2015
Old water tower near Filkino Lake. Gatchina, a suburb of Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 25, 2016
Water tower in Polytechnichesky Institute (Technical University) Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 25, 2016
Old water tower of Mordvinov Estate near Sergievka Park. Old Peterhof, west from Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 10, 2017
Academic Plaza and a water tower on campus of Texas A and M University. College Station, Texas, November 25, 2017
A water tower and wegetation in snow in a creek on Redmond Drive. College Station, Texas, December 7, 2017

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