Mathematica programs for calculation of semiclassical expansion for arbitrary anharmonic oscillator in one dimension

anharm1 Semiclassical expansion for V(x), the main program that calls sub-programs
checkfun Subroutines for checking validity of the input function
graph Plotting graph of the potential
anharm1 Calculation of pert. theory coefficients (Mathematica)
anharm.for Calculation of pert. theory coefficients (Fortran)
cplot Displaying coefficients graphically
allowed1 Description of allowed functions
allfunct List of all allowed and disallowed functions

Example of usage of these programs

fstring = "Cosh[x] - 2 Log[x+1] - Pi x - 0.1 x^3";
nqx  = 0;
morder  = 20;
x0 = 0;

Run these programs on-line

RSPTexpansionOn-line calculation of Rayleigh - Schrödinger perturbation series

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