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Mathematica program for generation of web pages

main.txt Main program
mainprogr.txt Workflow program
functions.txt Definitions of functions
maintain-copynew.txt Selecting new files and copying them to a separate directory for ftp-upload
maintain-divide.txt Divide pictures by dates
maintain-dumpsave.txt Saving data - for future use, to save time
maintain-index-160x120.txt Photo-index with thumbnail size 160x120
maintain-index.txt Main index file
maintain-kml.txt Creating geo files *.kml
maintain-locations.txt Using GPS data to find address
maintain-metadata.txt Creating metadata text files
maintain-processed.txt Copying processed pictures
maintain-programs.txt Printing list of programs
maintain-read-locations.txt Reading addresses
maintain-read-metadata.txt Reading shooting data of pictures
maintain-read-sizes.txt Reading sizes of pictures
maintain-select.txt Selecting pictures
maintain-sizes.txt Extracting sizes of pictures
maintain-thumbnails.txt Creating thumbnails
maintain-tracks.txt Reading GPS tracks