Unsuccessful application for a grant of American Mathematical Society

                From    A.V.Sergeev
                        S.I.Vavilov State Optical Institute
                        Tuchkov per. 1, St.-Petersburg,
                        199034 Russia

                To      Tim Goggins
                        American Mathematical Society
                        P.O.Box 6248
                        Providence, R.I. 02940-6248



      Sergeev Aleksei Vital'evich, May 18, 1957.
      Address: flat 14, pr.Raevskogo 24, St.-Petersburg, 194064 USSR.
      Phone number: 552-67-67.
      Place of work: S.I.Vavilov State Optical Institute, Tuchkov per. 1,
St.-Petersburg, 199034 USSR, e-mail: SERGEEV@soi.spb.su


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      Summary of research activity

   The work is directed on the development of perturbation theory (PT)
methods in quantum mechanics in order to make it possible to apply them in
the region where the perturbation parameter cease to be small . With this
purpose a large number of the terms of PT series is calculated, then such
series are summed. On the first stage the problem is reduced to the
determination of high order PT terms (derivation of the reccurence
relations) and to the calculation on computer sufficiently large number of
PT coefficients. Usually the PT series appears to be divergent. On the
secound stage, the suitable method for summation of the divergent series
(such as Pade or Borel summation procedure) is chosen, the physically
significant values are calculated and the results are compared with the
values obtained by independent methods.
   Now I am making extensive computer experiments with asymptotic
expansions, its large-order asymptotics, and summation for various quantum-
mechanical problems.

     The name of the Russian institution that will administer the grant:
Sankt-Petersburg Mathematical Society or Leningrad State University.

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