Mathematica programs for calculation of the final state for the two-dimensional harmonic oscillator

harmonic Testing results of Segev - Heller paper, the main program that calls sub-programs
harmchec Printing input parameters and checking their validity
harmquan Quantum results
harmwign Phase space results (constrained minimium of the Wigner function)
harmpots Graphs of potentials in three dimensions
harmwfun Density diagram of the wave function of the final state
harmener Distribution of the energy over two modes
printing Package for formatted printing of numbers
harm Package to find constraint minimum for harmonic oscillators

Example of usage of these programs

omx = 1.5;
omy = 5;
x0  = 2.5;
y0  = 1;
nmax= 10;

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See description of the problem for more details.

Plots of wavefunctions for parameters from Segev and Heller's paper

Results of work at BGU with B. Segev

More on-line calculations

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