Estimation of the critical charge for atomic isoelectronic series

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  1. Ground-state energy in the screened Coulomb potential, in atomic units
  2. The same as Fig. 1 but for an excited 2p-state
  3. Shape of an effective potential for l=1, delta =0.25, and gamma =0.97
  4. Derivative of the ground-state energy in the screened Coulomb potential
  5. Critical parameter gamma_c and energy levels in Yukawa potential as a function of the screening parameter delta found by summation of the corresponding perturbation series
  6. The parameter delta of the one-particle model for different isoelectronic series
  7. Binding energy (found by summation of 1/Z-expansion) for the groung and an excited 1s 2s 3S states of two-electron isoelectronic series
  8. Electron affinities and surcharges as functions of the number of electrons
  9. Critical charge for helium isoelectronic series in a magnetic field
  10. Surcharge, S_e, as a function of the magnetic field strength, B, for noble gas atoms

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