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(* Printing head for each example *)

exampf = ToFileName[dir, "index.htm"];
of = oexampf = open[exampf];

"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN\">" // p;
"<HTML><HEAD>" // p;
"<TITLE>Moller-Plesset perturbation theory: example &quot;" <> name <> 
      "&quot;</TITLE>" // p;
"<META name=\"description\" content=\"Moller-Plesset perturbation series is taken from the file &quot;" <>
      fdat <> ".dat&quot;\">" // p;
"<META name=\"keywords\" content=\"quantum mechanics, Moller Plesset perturbation theory, summation, Pade approximants\">" // p;
"</HEAD><BODY BGCOLOR=\"#C0C0C0\"><A NAME=\"top\"></A>" // p;
"<CENTER><H1>M&#248;ller-Plesset perturbation theory: example &quot;" <> name <> 
<H2>Molecule " <> molec <> ". Basis "<> bas <> ". Structure &quot;" <> fdat <>
<LI><A HREF=\"#ctable\">Table of coefficients and partial sums</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#cplot\">Semilogarithmic plot of coefficients</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#cplots\">Plot of scaled coefficients</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#errors\">Convergence of summation approximants</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#sings3\">Singularities of approximants in complex plane</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"sings.htm\">Table of singularities with their weights</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#function\">Plot of the energy function found by summation of the series</A>\n
<LI><A HREF=\"#bugs\">Known inaccuracies</A>\n
</UL>" // p;
"<HR>" <> ruler <> "<HR>" // p;

<A HREF=\"../index.htm\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../iconz/molec1.gif\" WIDTH=36 HEIGHT=41 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"ABSMIDDLE\" ALT=\"Molecule - icon for Allen-data\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../blank.gif\" WIDTH=2 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"ABSMIDDLE\" ALT=\"Blank\">Examples of MP series</A>
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../blank.gif\" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=1 ALT=\"Blank\">
<A HREF=\"../proglist.htm\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../iconz/mathemat.gif\" WIDTH=17 HEIGHT=16 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"MIDDLE\" ALT=\"Source code of Mathematica program\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../blank.gif\" WIDTH=5 HEIGHT=1 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"ABSMIDDLE\" ALT=\"Blank\"><I>Mathematica</I> programs</A>
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../blank.gif\" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=1 ALT=\"Blank\">
<A HREF=\"../../index.htm\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../iconz/whale.gif\" WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=35 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"ABSMIDDLE\" ALT=\"Work in UMass Dartmouth\">Work in UMassD</A>
<IMG SRC=\"../../../../blank.gif\" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=1 ALT=\"Blank\">
<A HREF=\"../../../reports.htm\">
<IMG SRC=\"../../../waste.gif\" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=43 BORDER=0 ALIGN=\"ABSMIDDLE\" ALT=\"Waste icon\">Unpublished reports</A>
refbar = StringReplace[refbar, "> <"->"><"];

refbar // p;
"<HR>" // p;

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