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Alexey Sergeev

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
UMass Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747
Phone (508)990-9606 office
(508)675-8871 home
Fax (508)999-9167
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Available until May of 2004

A. S. in Dallas 9/3/97

Research interests are quantum-mechanical perturbation theory, summation of divergent perturbation series, quasiclassical methods for resonant states. Specifically, Stark effect and 1/D-expansion (where D is the dimensionality of space) for various quantum-mechanical problems, such as screened Coulomb potentials, Stark and Zeeman effects, helium-like ions, and two-centre-Coulomb problem. Recently, worked on self-consistent-field version of the semiclassical perturbation theory for molecules, new schemes to sum perturbation series for resonances, estimating stability of atoms with a variable nuclear charge (finding "critical" charges).
RSPT-expansion On-line calculation and graphical display
of Rayleigh - Schrodinger perturbation series
for various quantum-mechanical problems

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