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Carmel Market on Hacarmel Street, likely site for future bombings. Tel Aviv, the Middle East, November 23, 2000
Nuclear Research Center in Negev Desert near Dimona (Israeli nuclear bomb factory). The Middle East, April 26, 2000
Nuclear bomb factory in Negev Desert near Dimona (Israeli secret nuclear complex) described as "chocolate" or "textiles" factory. The domed structure glimmering on the sun to the right is the reactor built in 1958 by France, or Machon (block) No. 1. Cooling towers are clearly visible to the left. Palms and gardens are planted to obscure the facility from the road. The picture was taken from Road 25 at around 7:00 a.m. The Middle East, April 26, 2000
Politekhnicheskaya Street at northern corner of Muzhestva Square. A hand-written inscription reads Kill Yankee (related to Yugoslavia bombing). A big street shield announces Petersburg hockey championship-2000. Women with plastic bags go shopping. Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 19, 1999.
A helicopter loaded with bombs for Gaza Strip, view from upper Akev spring, 2 miles east from Avdat. The Middle East, November 17, 2002
A bus stop at Svetlanovsky Prospect. An inscription on the wall of Svetlana Enterprise says NATO is Fascism (related to Yugoslavia bombing). Saint Petersburg, Russia, April 13, 1999.
An Israeli helicopter returning after bombing(?) of Bethlehem, viewed from the war memorial at Beit Meir, west from Jerusalem. The Middle East, April 10, 2002

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