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Mountains and lakes

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Lower Macey Lake and Little Baldy Mountain in Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Colorado, July 2, 2007
Maharlu Lake (Daryache ye Namak) and Kuhe-Garh mountain ridge (2720 m) in Fars Province of Iran. This salty lake is exploited as a mine of different chemicals, mainly by Shiraz Petrochemical Company. View from a window of a plane from Doha, Qatar to Houston, TX, March 16, 2010.
Anamas Dagi mountains and Lake Beysehir (Beysehir Golu) with Uzun Ada Island in Isparta, Turkey, view from a window of a plane from Houston to Doha. January 16, 2012
Frozen lakes and mountain ridges in Labrador, Canada, view from a plane from London to Boston, January 11, 2006

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