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Rocks sea

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Sea bluebells (oysterleaf, Mertensia maritima) in rock garden in Botanic Gardens of Komarov Botanical Institute. Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 22, 2015
Andromeda Rocks in sea in Jaffa. The Middle East, May 31, 2002
Castle Hill Lighthouse, with condensed frozen sea smoke fog on rocks. Newport, Rhode Island, January 22, 2005.
Rock in the sea illuminated by gas flairs on western beach of Haloul Island (Jazirat Halul) at night. Qatar, April 19, 2013
Sea lavender (Limonium axillare) growing near rock carvings (stone engravings, petroglyphs) on a rocky ridge in Jabal Al Jassasiya site, on north-eastern coast. Qatar, February 21, 2015
Some sea snail found under a rock on Purple Island (Jazirat Bin Ghanim). Al Khor, Qatar, November 8, 2014

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