Alexei Sergeev

Purdue University
Department of Chemistry

1393 Brown Building
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1393
phone: (765) 496-1771
Email to:

Available until the end of 1998

Research interests are: quantum-mechanical perturbation theory, summation of divergent perturbation series, quasiclassical methods for resonant states. Specifically, Stark effect and 1/D-expansion (where D is the dimensionality of space) for various quantum-mechanical problems, such as screened Coulomb potentials, Stark and Zeeman effects, helium-like ions, and two-centre-Coulomb problem. During the last year, worked on: investigation of asymmetrically doubly excited two-electron atoms within large-dimensional approach; application of self-consistent-field version of semiclassical perturbation theory to molecular Hamiltonians; singularity analysis of the semiclassical perturbation series for two-electron atoms; developing new schemes to sum the perturbation series for resonances.
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