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Dunes building up on east part of Ship Island flattened by a hurricane. Mississippi, October 29, 2006
- flattened squirrel on Brooks Street 12/28/96 (Norman - Dallas, December 28, 1996 - January 31, 1997)
Flattened frogs on a forest road near Sosnovo, 40 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, August 12, 2007
Flowers of yellow star-grass (woolly stargrass, Hypoxis hirsuta) in Lick Creek Park, with flattened star-like flower and hairs on grasslike linear leaves. College Station, Texas, March 27, 2008
- flattened squirrel to the north of SMU 8/2/97 (Dallas - a trip to New Mexico mountains, July 11 - August 30, 1997)
Flattened cat on Ben Gurion Blvrd. near intersection with Yizhak Nafha Street. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, September 24, 2000
Flattened coastal park near Gulfport. Mississippi, April 9, 2006
Common liverwort or green-tongue liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha), with male gametophores topped by a flattened disc containing the antheridia in Sosnovka Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 28, 2016
Flattened violet cups of a bonfire fungus Peziza violacea on burned forest floor with fallen spruce needles in Zakhodskoe (Lounatjoki), 50 miles north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, May 22, 2021

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